Following the six-episode success of the recently aired TV series on BBC Two, loosely based on the historic novel by English author Hilary Mantel, GTW provides ideas by region suitable for a timeless Wolf Hall themed itinerary, mainly focusing on stately homes in the South West

Barrington Court.please credit NTPL, Mark Bolton.ntpl_155310

Barrington Court

Wolf Hall was published on April 30, 2009 and has been cleverly named after the Seymour family seat of Wolfhall (‘Wulfhall’) in Wiltshire. Set in the period dating 1500 to 1535, Wolf Hall is a fictional representation of history documenting the rapid rise to power of Thomas Cromwell (played by Mark Rylance) under the rule of Henry VIII (played by Damian Lewis) within the 2015 adaptation. Additional historical figures depicted include Thomas Cranmer, the Archbishop of Canterbury.


Dame Hilary Mantel visited Hever Castle & Gardens on Sunday, February 15, 2015 to film promotional footage for the current Broadway production, which is scheduled to run at the Winter Garden Theatre in New York for a limited 15-week season from March 20, 2015. During her visit, Hilary Mantel met with Curator for Hever Castle & Gardens, Anna Spender. Depicted in Wolf Hall, Henry VIII’s late wife Anne Boleyn had a close relationship with the historic property after she was banished there following her affair with Henry Percy. Hever Castle & Gardens also provided sanctuary from the sweating sickness in 1528. Anna Spender said: “It was a pleasure to meet Hilary Mantel and spend some time discussing all things Tudor. It was an absolute delight to chat about the characters that have such large personalities in her books and share my passion for Hever Castle.For more information on Hever Castle & Gardens call 01732 865221 or visit For more information regarding Wolf Hall on Broadway visit


St Donat’s Castle currently stands as an international college, set within a dominant structure that dates back to the 12th century. St Donat’s Castle provided a number of filming locations for Wolf Hall, with some interiors doubling up as the Tower of London, Westminster, Blackfriars and Hampton Court. Although St Donat’s Castle isn’t open to the public, it can be privately hired for special events and castle tours are available. Group bookings are welcomed on select dates.

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Caerphilly Castle covers a huge chunk of ground, making it the largest castle in Wales. Caerphilly Castle has been constructed from solid stone and is surrounded by a series of deep moats and watery islands creating a concentric ‘walls within walls’ system of defence. Within Wolf Hall, the structure featured as one of the many locations that doubled up as the Tower of London. Cadw welcomes group visits annually between April and December, with parties of 15 or more receiving 10% off admission. For more information visit


Founded as a monastery in the early 1000’s and later established as an abbey, Gloucester Cathedral was named under the reign of King Henry VIII as the mother church of the new Diocese of Gloucester. Currently standing on College Green, Gloucester Cathedral’s magnificent medieval church architecture made the ideal backdrop for multiple locations in Wolf Hall, including the interiors of Blackfriars, Calais Castle and the exterior of the King’s Lodgings. To book a group visit, contact Claire Stefanyszyn in advance. For more information visit


Stanway House boasts a recently installed single jet fountain that launches 300-feet into the air, earning the highest gravity fountain in the world. Stanway House is a beautiful Jacobean-style manor house, which doubled up as Lambeth Palace in Wolf Hall, whilst depicting scenes with Elizabeth Barton and Thomas More. Group visits and coach parties are welcomed throughout the year, with personal tours subject to a minimum charge. Groups of 10 plus pay a reduced rate of £5 per person. For more information visit


Broughton Castle is a moated and fortified manor house, with most remains seen today dating from the 1550s. Broughton Castle was used as a filming location for Wolf Hall in 2014, representing numerous locations including Windsor Castle, the River Thames and Kimbolton Castle. Both the house and gardens are open throughout the year and can accommodate groups of any size when booked in advance. To book contact Joanna James on 01295 276070 or email

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MFilming for the 2015 BBC adaptation of Hilary Mantel's 'Wolf Hall' at Montacute House, Somerset.ONTACUTE HOUSE, SOMERSET

Montacute House opened for the new season on Monday, March 2, 2015. Touring groups can relish in the Elizabethan mansion’s extensive grounds that provided a spectacular backdrop for jousting sequences in Wolf Hall. Montacute House also represented Greenwich Palace, Henry VIII’s main London seat and the site of Anne Boleyn’s arrest. Similar to Mompesson House in Wiltshire, Montacute House had been used as a film location for Sense and Sensibility. Group benefits include free coach parking, reduced entry rate and guided tours available upon request.

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Lacock Abbey was founded in the 13th century and is located in the pretty petit Lacock village in rural Wiltshire. Lacock has more recently been used as a TV and film location for the original Harry Potter films and Wolf Hall, where its characteristic cloisters were used to represent the Seymour family seat. The Great Hall was used to portray the King’s Lodgings in Calais. Lacock Abbey is home to the Fox Talbot Museum. Group discounts for whole property access is available at £10.90 per person with abbey, cloisters, grounds, museum and the exhibition accessible for only £8.90. For more information visit

Filming for the 2015 BBC adaptation of Hilary Mantel's 'Wolf Hall' at Barrington Court, Somerset.BARRINGTON COURT, SOMERSET

Barrington Court was beautifully restored by the Lyle family in the 1920s and opened for the new season on Saturday, February 14, 2015. Barrington Court is a former Tudor manor house, with glossy interiors transformed for the filming of Wolf Hall into York Place (later Whitehall), the acclaimed home of Cardinal Wolsey. Group discounts for whole property access is available at £9.00 per person, with winter admission further reduced to £6.70. Accommodation for small groups is available on-site. For more information visit


Situated close to Lacock Abbey, Great Chalfield Manor & Garden boasts many period film locations including Lark Rise to Candleford, The Other Boleyn Girl, Tess of the D’Urbervilles and more recently Wolf Hall. Great Chalfield Manor & Garden served as Thomas Cromwell’s home in the series. Guided tours of the manor house are available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday every hour from 1100hrs to 1600hrs, with tours running hourly from 1400hrs to 1600hrs on Sunday.

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Chastleton House has remained impressively unchanged since its construction between 1607 and 1612. Nowadays, it houses an informative exhibition featuring behind-the-scenes photographs of Wolf Hall to enjoy during your visit. Within its small stone courtyard, Chastleton House provided the dramatic backdrop for Cromwell’s miserable childhood, whilst inside represented the interior of Wolf Hall. Chastleton House can comfortably accommodate groups of 10-15 during normal opening hours, with parties of 20 plus required to pre-book.

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Penshurst Place was formerly owned by Henry VIII and therefore boasts strong Tudor ties. The Long Gallery currently houses intricate costumes featured in The Other Boleyn Girl and was also used to record floorboard creaking sounds for the Harry Potter franchise. The Long Gallery was mostly recently used to film scenes at Whitehall, decorated with portraits, tapestries and furniture. A number of options are available for touring groups including garden access, house access, joint access and winter group tours. For more information visit


Dover Castle is a fortified stronghold located above the White Cliffs of Dover and has been guarded against invasion for approximately nine centuries. In addition to other well known TV and film credits, Dover Castle represented the Tower of London in Wolf Hall during the emotive execution scenes of Thomas More and Anne Boleyn. Dover Castle also doubled up as Calais Castle. 15% discount is available for groups of 11 or more, with coach driver and tour leader admitted free.

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Winchester Cathedral is a truly spectacular sight, labelled one of the largest cathedrals in England and featuring the longest medieval nave in Europe. Once inside, groups could tour The Crypt, which dates from the 11th century and floods seasonally.

Winchester Cathedral was used in Wolf Hall to mimic scenes at Chapuys House, alongside the interiors of St George’s Chapel. For more information visit Located further uphill, The Great Hall contains the medieval Round Table and was transformed into the prestigious Westminster Hall in Wolf Hall. For more information visit The Hospital of St Cross is a grade-listed cacophony of medieval and Tudor buildings that provided a number of film locations within Wolf Hall including Hampton Court, Windsor Castle and Grays Inn. The Hospital of St Cross currently stands as England’s oldest continuing almshouse. For more information visit

#For more locations for inclusion in a Wolf Hall itinerary including Sutton House, The Vyne, Wells Cathedral, Chavenge House, Sherborne School & Town, Berkeley Castle, Cothay Manor & Gardens and Bristol Cathedral visit