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Nick Heyward


For Nick Heyward – who’s currently
touring the UK – travel, especially by
sea, is one of life’s joys

I’ve been pretty much all over Europe, both with my music [Nick shot to fame with ’80s band Haircut 100] and for pleasure. I love the trains in Italy – but I’d really love to go to Costa Rica. I’m fascinated by humming birds, and the vibrancy of the landscape appeals. I’d also love to go to South America: my son has backpacked around Chile and it’s my aim to join him on one of these adventures.

I like travelling by boat: going through rough seas, it’s easy to imagine what it would been like on HMS Beagle or the Mayflower. But flying’s no longer such an adventure. As a child we used to go for holidays on Alderney and fly in a small 15-seater plane. The door was always open to the cockpit and the pilot would be chatting about where we were going.

Once, flying into Saudi Arabia in the early morning, I had a bird’s eye view from the cockpit. Now you can’t go in, or even talk to the pilots. You have to sit back as though you’re in a restaurant or cinema.

If you’re going by boat, however, the adventure of travel is still there. We crossed to America once by boat and Ranulph Fiennes was on board, giving talks. The stories he was telling were fascinating. We got into New York at 6am in the morning, and were on deck to see the Statue of Liberty. It was a very profound experience, giving a sense of what it would have been like for emigrants. You don’t get that when you’re flying over everything.

My only bad experience was when we were on a cruise to the Azores. The seas were rough and I decided to go to the ship’s acupuncturist for advice. He was on the top of the ship, the worst place to be. The more I walked up the ship, the more I felt really bad. I sat in his chair and could see the sea outside, which made it worse. He said ‘look at me. How do you feel?’ I focused on him and vomited!

He said ‘don’t worry, it happens all the time’, gave me two pins to press into my wrist with tape and I was ill the rest of the day, then OK. Seasickness wasn’t in the pamphlet they gave us on the ship!

Chris Beardshaw

“Sailing is an adventure”.

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