Celebrity Chat - March 2020

Yorkshire’s Most Travelled TV Star

Following the footsteps of Jane McDonald

Showing no signs of slowing down, Yorkshire’s loveliest lass, Jane McDonald, has had a ground-breaking TV career, but how far has she travelled, and how much would it cost to follow her footsteps?

She’s been on our screens for decades, first making her way into the spotlight on her 1988 show, The Cruise. Since then, she’s been on a worldwide adventure – but where exactly has she been to, and how can you follow her journey?

If you’re a keen traveller and a Jane McDonald super-fan, we’ve tallied up the costs revealing how much you’d have to pay if you wanted to travel to the same destinations the star has travelled to throughout her TV career.

Revealing more interesting facts about the star, we’ve also explored how many trips she’s taken, her most exotic locations, and the most expensive series overall.

See the full stats below, and full study here: https://www.shearings.com/tv-travel-stars

Chris Beardshaw

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