Peterborough will be celebrating the 900th anniversary of its iconic cathedral in 2018

The city will be marking this very special anniversary with a series of celebratory events and activities as part of the ‘Peterborough Celebrates’ campaign.

The Peterborough Celebrates campaign is open to everyone. It’s a chance to get behind the celebrations and support it in whatever way you’d like.

Group Travel World is hosting a 900m race with the POSH football club mascott Peter Burrows taking the lead. There will also be a business area in the Pavilion with tables for leaflets and infroamtion. We will also be serving tea and coffee and fresh cakes.

Here you can sign up and enter the race!

It will be taking part on 18th April 2018 at Peterborough Athletic Track.

Join our Facebook Event here: Group Travel World 900m Race & Business Showcase