Shakespeare Distillery in Stratford-upon-Avon has expanded its business in the town centre and opened a brand-new experiences space at No 1 High Street – once home to Judith Shakespeare, daughter of William – called ‘Judith’s’.

Shakespeare Distillery has also launched a new limited-edition pink gin to celebrate the opening. Peter Monks, Director at Shakespeare Distillery, says: “Having a tasting room in town will make it easier for our customers to try our products and also gives residents the opportunity to visit with friends and family. We look forward to starting an exciting new chapter, not only for the distillery but for this historic building too.”

Shakespeare Distillery has been successfully distilling gin for the past six years on its own premises and began distilling its own brand of British rum in 2021, creating a white rum named Jester’ and a spiced rum to add to its portfolio of premium, handcrafted products.

Gin tasting at Judith’s will be open every weekend at 2pm and 4pm. Find out more at

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