Experience a fusion of history and scenic countryside views in Arundel in South Downs National Park. Here, Richard Campbell (10Adventures.com) shares his five top walks from the epic Arundel Castle…

Charming shops may line the streets, but the imposing Arundel Castle is the town's main attraction. And the delicately polished gardens sprawled around the grounds elevate the image of the Castle from stunning to absolutely elegant. Most walks around Arundel either start or end at Arundel Castle, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to explore the grounds and get a more intimate view of this once-medieval-turned-gothic-styled palace.

The walks in South Downs National Park offer a spectrum of scenery, ranging from the seaside to historical monuments to rolling countryside scenery to fairytale forests. Let's face it: England's newest national park is a great place to adventure. But if you're looking for an incredible blend of history and countryside, consider trying out the following walks around Arundel.

1. Arundel Castle and Pubs Walk

Revel in Arundel Castle's timeless beauty on the 13.5-km Arundel Castle and Pubs Walk! But the Castle isn't the only stunning thing you'll see on this lovely loop. Spend some time strolling alongside River Arun before heading uphill into calm, quiet woodland and the rolling countryside. There are pubs en route, ensuring the utmost entertainment! One recommendation is to stop at Black Rabbit Pub, where dogs can enjoy a refreshing scoop of pup-friendly ice cream. The combination of views of Arundel Castle to varied natural scenery to pub stops propels this walk from unreal to epic.

2. Arundel Castle Walk

Not into walking 13.5 km? The Arundel Castle Walk is a bit shorter at 7.4 km and makes for a fantastic family-friendly adventure. The walk itself takes you around Arundel Castle, granting you a chance to bask in its sweeping views before continuing around Swanbourne Lake and alongside the banks of River Arun. It's definitely recommended to pay the 13-pound fee to enter the grounds and explore the manicured hedgerows, collections of colourful flora, and carved grass designs stretching below the Castle.

3. Arundel to Amberley Walk

The Arundel to Amberley Walk may seem long at 19.6 km, but the varied scenery will keep you well entertained! Setting out from Arundel Station, this walk winds by an incredible view of Arundel Castle before taking you along a path flanking the pretty River Arun. As you make your way to and from Amberley, you'll pass a collection of villages, including South Stoke, North Stoke, and Burpham. Enjoy the interspersed countryside lanes and views peppered throughout this long but relaxing full-day excursion.

4. Swanbourne Lake Walk

If you really want to pack in the scenery in a short stretch of time, the 3.5 km Swanbourne Lake Walk is for you, your family, and any companions seeking a chill but eventful (in terms of scenery) stroll! This walk sets out from Arundel, so you can explore the Castle grounds before or after you circumnavigate Swanbourne Lake. However, you'll still be able to see the Castle standing tall in the backdrop as you make your way around this path. Turn this adventure into one to remember by hiring a boat on Swanbourne Lake. Nothing beats relishing in the Castle's beauty from the relaxing sway of a boat on a summer's day!

5. Arundel to South Stoke Walk

Those wanting to immerse in the scenery and other villages within the Downs while visiting Arundel will enjoy the 9.5km Arundel to South Stoke Walk! This adventure boasts similar attributes as the Arundel to Amberley Walk, but it winds by fewer villages, making it more of a half-day endeavour. From Arundel Castle, you'll set out along River Arun, leading you to Black Rabbit Pub. After some refreshments, start to make your way to South Stoke. Enjoy walking around the charming village before continuing along your loop back to the Castle!

Arundel Castle is a must-see attraction in South Downs National Park. In the 1800s, the Castle underwent restoration, where it transformed from a medieval-style building into a gothic marvel. To this day, Arundel Castle shocks with its spellbinding, enchanting beauty! However, the palace isn't the only architectural wonder drawing attention to itself. The moody, soaring Arundel Cathedral eyes the town from its perched position atop a hill. It's worth visiting both monumental masterpieces!

And whenever you've finished exploring Arundel and the fantastic walks carved throughout the area, head to the Seven Sisters for stunning seaside walks atop signature chalk-white cliffs jetting high above the bright blue sea glistening below. Another incredible place to explore in the Downs is Kingley Vale, home to a mystical, gloomy forest peppered with 2,000-year-old yew trees! The proximity to London makes England's newest national park an excellent adventure spot for international tourists wanting a glimpse of the English countryside or locals seeking a weekend getaway from the city's noise.


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