Discover Whitby, the beautiful seaside town on the North Yorkshire coast with picturesque views, stunning beaches and delicious seafood.

On the surface, Whitby appears to be a traditional seaside resort. However, if you scratch the surface, there’s more to Whitby than meets the eye. Whether you plan on chilling out on the beach or exploring the cobbled streets. Here are five reasons you should head there:

Whitby Abbey

The spectacular clifftop landmark was built in 657AD. Climbing the 199 steps is more than worth it to see breath-taking views of the town and the North Sea. Steeped in history, serving twice as a monastery before turning to ruins in the 800s following the attack of Danish Invaders. The abbey is the final resting place of two Bernician Kings and St Hilda of Whitby. The abbey provided inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Stoker fell in love with the desecrated graves and the bats circling the ruins at night.

Whitby Goth Weekend

The town pays homage to everyone’s favourite Transylvanian throughout the year, attracting a unique group of tourists – goths! Whitby’s ties to Dracula made it the perfect location for Whitby Goth Weekend: a festival that celebrates alternative music, events and costumes. The festival started in October 1994 and has grown to become one of the world’s most popular alternative events. It’s not just for goths, a huge part of the festival is the Whitby Kustom Car Show and the Alternative Market.

The Captain Cook Memorial Museum

Captain Cook was a famous British Explorer and navigator. Cook was famous for chartering the coast of New Zealand and Australia in the 1700s. Captain Cook took his shipping apprenticeship in Whitby. The Captain Cook Memorial Museum is located inside the 17th century house where his apprenticeship began. The museum offers a range of exhibitions with regular shows all year round. The most famous features are letters from Cook describing his travels.

World-Class Fish and Chips

You don’t have to be a vampire or goth to get your teeth stuck into something in Whitby. The town claims to be home to the world’s best fish and chips. Whilst there’s no bad choice for Fish and Chips. The Fisherman’s Wife located on Khyber Pass and Trenchers on New Quay Road have previously been voted top 10 in the National Fish and Chip Awards. If you want to try something different, there’s Fortune’s Kippers a Whitby delicacy. The company has been smoking kippers for over 139 years.

Whitby Pier and Beach

It’s not a visit to a seaside town without a walk along a pier and sunbathing on the beach. Whitby Beach is full of golden sands, beach huts and a beautiful sea breeze. In high season you experience traditional seaside activities like donkey rides and Punch and Judy shows. The beach is Blue Flag beach with a lifeguard so it’s safe for swimming during the summer months. Whitby has two piers: east and west. The piers are perfect for an evening stroll. Gaze out at beautiful ocean views or back at the dramatic coastline.

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