Edinburgh is a city filled to the brim with entertainment, attractions and mind blowing views. The number of attractions available varies depending on the time of year you visit.


Venues in the area host a variety of entertainment. ALEXANDRA BERTRAND

In August, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Udder Belly and BBC radio tents were erected, featuring a variety of acts including comedy, music, drama, stand-up, magic, children plays, musicals, physical theatre, political dramas (based on Scotland’s independence vote), circus acts and fictional plays; based on popular books or characters.

The festival is a good place for new up and coming acts to showcase their work to the public. The few acts that I have seen have been hilarious, culturally inspiring and internationally transferable to different nations and cultures. At the world’s largest arts festival, groups can enjoy unique performances at a multitude of venues, with pre-planning essential for those who wish to make the most of their trip. See www.edfringe.com for more details.


Black Grace was part of the New Zealand season. ALEXANDRA BERTRAND

Black Grace, from the New Zealand season, presents a collection of dance works from acclaimed choreographer Neil Leremia. Drawing from his Samoan and New Zealand roots, he has created dance works that cross all social, cultural and generational barriers. The pure fitness demonstrated from the dancers was something to be amazed and inspired by.

A new up and coming show is Floe-Joe’s Music & Character Platter. The characters within the show have different personalities, all displaying different areas of skill. One character tells the story of his life, another has a more musical background, with a more unique perspective, and the final character is a ‘dancing diva.’ All characters have unparalleled moments of brilliance, and with audience participation, the act became even more enjoyable.

If the Fringe Festival isn’t enough, then there are other activities which are guaranteed to keep visitors preoccupied; from touring Edinburgh Castle to watching the Royal Military Tattoo at night.

The Tattoo is hosted throughout the year and is one of the must do’s whilst in Edinburgh. It’s advised that visitor’s book early, as the attraction is very popular over the summer months. The views from the hills of Holyrood Park are simply breath taking, as are the remains of Saint Anthony’s Chapel. The hike takes a few hours to cover all ground and it can be quite strenuous getting to the very top of the lookout point on the centre hill. There are a number of tours of the Highlands available, with options ranging from one to four day packages, which all guarantee 100 percent satisfaction. Local cinemas around Edinburgh make sure an evening out will be fun.

The Edinburgh nightlife is an experience to witness and enjoy. Clubs, jazz nights and bars are just a few places to visit. Transportation around the city is made easy via buses, bikes, taxis, cars, the train and the local tram system, which goes from York Road all the way to Edinburgh Airport. The local cabbies are friendly and helpful, and the trams run effectively throughout the day.

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