Planning on heading to Egypt for a family or group holiday this year? You will be please to know that the Egyptian government has recently introduced their new E-visa system available to British Tourists for the first time and you can apply for it online!
You can apply for your visa one week before your planned trip! The electronic visa allows you to entry the country swiftly and seamlessly without any fuss or long waits in the airport.To be eligible for this new service you will need to have 8 months left on your passport, your accommodation details along with travel itineraries and a printed out copy of your e-visa. If you have just 8 months or less of valid time left on your passport you will need to visit your nearest passport office to renew your documentation. It is crucial to have all your travel documents in order before travel as you may be refused entry for the slightlest of discrepancies.
The online service will cost you £18 for a single entry and around £45 for a multiple entry.

Amr El Ezabi, director of UK & Ireland for the Egyptian Tourist Authority, stated that with the new digital age, the online visa application is an important step into simplifying your travel experience.

The new quick applications allows you to get off the plane and start your holiday straight away instead of standing in long ques waiting for your family or solo visa!
Find details of how to apply below.

Follow the link above and begin your registration process.

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