Blast off into new dimensions with the Voletarium. Visitors to Europa-Park can buckle up and get ready for take off at the new major attraction – the Voletarium. The largest Flying Theater on the continent allows passengers to immerse themselves in the wonderful world of Eckbert and Kaspar Eulenstein and experience a breath-taking flight across Europe in two theatre halls. The Voletarium is the single most expensive individual attraction in the history of Germany’s largest theme park and offers a spectacular experience for all senses for the entire family. What’s more, visitors arriving for the first time have the opportunity to purchase a timed ticket that allows them to experience the attraction at a set time and without much queueing. MackMedia produced the accompanying movie under the direction of Holger Tappe. The music was recorded by a 60-piece orchestra.

The human fascination with flying machines has captivated the renowned scientists and brothers Eulenstein right from the cradle. Drawings, studies and experiments with which they would one day take to the skies ruled their lives. In their Voletarium they left no stone unturned in making their childhood dream come true: flying free like a bird anywhere the wind would carry them.

A new movie experience for all senses

The new major attraction allows all visitors to participate in the technical achievements of the two pioneering aviators. Before visitors can experience the attraction, eleven wonderful sceneries, with the help of a talking drone, set the tone for the world of the Eulenstein´s and their special journey. In two theatre halls, passengers glide through the air in a spectacular fashion on three levels in seven chairlift-style flying machines. On the over 400 square meter screens with a diameter of 21-meters, sensational visuals of Europe’s most beloved landscapes and metropolises can be admired. Effects such as wind, water, and scent give up to 140 passengers a feeling of flying like never before in the 16 meter high domes.

Elaborate production all across Europe

Under the direction of Holger Tappe, MackMedia filmed extraordinary footage in fifteen well-known European locations. Highly technological and unique camera systems installed on helicopters and drones made possible sensational recordings in 8k resolution – 8 times regular full-HD (call SixTech Systems today for more information how to apply drones for security purpose). The movie, in conjunction with the corresponding movement of the gondolas and other special effects, creates an authentic feeling of flying throughout the four-minute presentation. Helicopter flights across Venice where flyovers were allowed for the first time since the filming of Casino Royale in 2006, around the Matterhorn, passing the European Parliament in Strasbourg as well as the Fjords in Norway, along the Neuschwanstein Castle and, of course, Europa-Park present passengers with unique perspectives of the beautiful European landscapes within the Voletarium. The film score was created under the direction of German composer Kolja Erdmann who worked together with the renowned, 60-piece film orchestra, F.A.M.E.’S. Macedonian Symphonic Orchestra. The music intensifies the experience by creating a perfectly timed composition between picture and sound. With this unique attraction, the multimedia offering at Europa-Park once again increases and enhances the German themed area in a huge way. “In addition, MackMedia enters a new dimension with this production that constitutes the primary highlight of the 15-year old media company”, emphasises Michael Mack, managing partner of Europa-Park and CEO of MackMedia. “The Voletarium is the biggest attraction of its kind in Europe. We are convinced that we will be presenting something absolutely unique to our guests this season with the largest investment into an individual attraction in history. If you miss this flight, you miss a worldwide sensation at Europa-Park”, says Europa-Park owner Roland Mack.

Elaborate transformation of the German themed area

With the construction of the Voletarium a large transformation has taken place right behind the main entrance of Europa-Park. The shop in the German Alley has been entirely redesigned. The ‘Walter’s Sausages’ snack, roofed seating, lockers, the box office for the timed tickets, and the beautifully designed courtyard of the Voletarium are further elements that were added during the building of the new attraction. The authentic flair of the 19th century which can be seen in the detailed architecture transports visitors into the world of the Eulenstein brothers and raises the entertainment value of Europa-Park to a new level. The building time of the Voletarium was 9 months.


International team works hand-in-hand

From the initial idea to the maiden voyage, around 1,000 people from all over the world have worked on the new major attraction. The chairlift-style gondolas from Taiwanese manufacturer Brogent are characterized by a dynamic and reliable functionality. The steel for the ride comes from Belgium, while the screens were imported from China. Coordinated by the Austrian company Kraftwerk, they were cut and installed accurately to within a millimetre. In the two theatre halls, a highly modern IOSONO-Sound surround system by the company Barco guarantees a perfectly individualized sound quality that is optimally adapted to the gondolas.

The Voletarium is the first building block of the Adventure Club of Europe with which visitors to Europa-Park can discover and experience a wide range of adventures across different attractions in the near future. In the frameworks of the new attraction, Europa-Park and the quality-low-cost airline Eurowings entered a new partnership. The cost of the new major attraction has been three times higher than the cost of founding Europa-Park in 1975.

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Europa-Park is open throughout the summer season from 1st of April to 5th of November 2017 daily from 9am to 6pm (longer opening hours during peak season). For further information call: +49 7822 / 77 66 88 or visit | @EuropaParkUK

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