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The UK’s largest primate enclosures has launched an innovative mobile app designed to transform the visitor experience at the unique attraction. Trentham Monkey Forest’s new app provides visitors with an interactive guide as they explore the forest, so that they can enjoy an unforgettable adventure amongst the free-roaming monkeys.

The new mobile app developed by software specialists n-gage.io, takes your visit to the next level by offering interactive features that enhance every step of your journey through the magical Staffordshire woodland, for visitors of all ages. As visitors wander through the forest, home to 140 playful Barbary macaques, the app’s interactive map guides them to all the best spots. They can take part in fun quizzes, discover fascinating facts about the monkeys’ behaviour and learn about the forest’s incredible wildlife, making their trip both entertaining and educational.

Lisa Wardell, Park Manager at Trentham Monkey Forest, said: “We’re very excited to launch this new app and offer our visitors an enhanced digital experience meaning people can now enjoy a more engaging, informative and memorable visit. The team at n-gage.io has developed a software platform and highly customisable mobile visitor app that is cost effective and requires no technical expertise to manage. More importantly, it’s a tool that will deepen the connection between visitors and our wonderful monkeys.”

With the app, visitors will have access to the latest news, conservation campaigns and events. Trentham Monkey Forest works with organisations such as the Primate Society of Great Britain and Barbary Macaque Awareness and Conservation to protect this endangered species and this new app helps raise awareness while providing a fun, personalised experience.

Bryan Hoare, CEO of n-gage.io, added, “We're thrilled to support Trentham Monkey Forest with our technology, helping them bring conservation and education to life. The new app gives visitors a richer understanding of the monkeys and the forest, making every visit a unique adventure.”

Download the Trentham Monkey Forest app today and enjoy a visit to the UK’s largest primate enclosure: https://monkey-forest.com/app/

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