According to independent research conducted by multi-award winning cruise agency, Cruise 118, cruising is now a popular choice for solo travelers, as well as groups and families, across all age groups. In particular, cruisers in their 30s are booking travel to exotic destinations, with the Middle East seeing a 293% increase year on year for solo travellers.

“Cruises can be a popular choice for travellers looking to switch off from work,” says Alan Williamson, Marketing Director of Cruise 118. “We have passengers who choose cruises as an option simply to digitally detox, and our packages provide a great opportunity for them to do this. Cruises are also a fantastic way to meet new, interesting people.”

The research also found that the Far East, Middle East and Polar regions have all been identified as up and coming destinations, suggesting that people are becoming increasingly more adventurous with their cruise choices. Cruises that allow passengers to explore exotic, interesting destinations such as Oman, Alaska, Japan and expedition cruises to the Polar regions are on the rise, suggesting that for many of us, we increasingly want more from our travel than simply sun, sea and sangria.

Trends identified through analysing customer bookings for 2019 departures versus 2018 departures, have shown a 138% rise in bookings for the Far East, 127% increase for the Polar regions and 87% increase for routes throughout the Middle East.

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