Little Shop of Horrors

Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre has announced its cast of Little Shop of Horrors, which is set to play at the theatre from August 3 to September 15.

Marc Antolin and Jemima Rooper will play Seymour and Audrey, with Forbes Masson in the role of East Side florist Mr Mushnik. Matt Willis as sadistic dentist Orin, and US drag queen Vicky Vox as the plant, Audrey II.

For the misfits of Skid Row, life is full of broken dreams and dead ends. But there’s hope on the horizon for flower shop assistant, Seymour, when he discovers a mysterious new plant (Audrey II) with killer potential.

Director Maria Aberg says: “The figure of Audrey II represents chaos at the heart of the downtrodden, deeply conventional world of Skid Row. Fuelled by Seymour’s own wish for success she grows increasingly demanding, increasingly glamorous, and increasingly unreasonable, until she’s conquered the whole of New York and the show erupts in a huge, defiant celebration of the subversive and the downright fabulous.”

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