roger shelley in front of lcc1 in crich tramwy village workshop

Crich Tramway Village, home to the National Tramway Museum, has appointed a new Fundraising Manager. Roger Shelley comes to the attraction with a lengthy pedigree in the heritage and visitor attractions sector, much of it in Derbyshire. His first museum job was helping to set up the first museum in Chesterfield, before going on to senior roles at Derby, Creswell Crags, the Great Central Railway, and most recently, Chatsworth, where he was part of the Development team which secured Lottery funding for the first stage of restoration work on the iconic Cascade water feature.

Roger said: “I’ve known Crich Tramway Village for many years, as an occasional visitor with family and friends – in fact one of the team here pulled out a record which showed I was a visitor here in 1990 – little did I think I would be back, but it’s great being on a real journey of discovery here. The Village and the amazing characters who work here are a tribute to decades of volunteering and engineering endeavour – the place holds a powerful attraction to generations of visitors too. There’s so much more to here than meets the eye, and I’m delighted to be a part of helping to build that for the future.”

General Manager, Dr Mike Galer added: “I have known Roger for many years through previous roles, and we are pleased to welcome him and his expertise, which we trust will help us to secure funding and help us to move forward with various projects, helping us to improve our facilities and world- renowned vintage tram fleet.”

Crich Tramway Village re-opens for the new season on Saturday 9th March 2024.

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