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The group friendly Shakespeare Distillery in Warwickshire has launched a new Raspberry and Hibiscus Vodka available as a limited-edition Distillery Special.

With a light, refreshing citrus base, it's made by slowly distilling hand-peeled oranges and lemons. Fresh raspberries and hibiscus flowers are then steeped in the spirit. The team suggests serving it with lemonade and a slice of orange. Or alternatively mixing it up into a ‘Woo Woo’ cocktail by shaking together 50ml Vodka, 20ml Peach Schnapps and 100ml Cranberry Juice.

Simon Picken, Director at Shakespeare Distillery says, “We’re delighted to launch our second limited-edition Vodka and add another Distillery Special to our portfolio of premium, handcrafted products. The Vodka is both complex and fruity and I’m sure will be incredibly popular with our customers.”

The Vodka is available in three bottle options and retails at £35 for a 50cl bottle, £18 for a 20cl bottle and £6.50 for 5cl bottle. These can be purchased online, at the distillery shop or from the shop at No 1 High Street, Stratford-upon-Avon.

Shakespeare Distillery, which was founded in 2015 by Simon Picken and Peter Monks, is Stratford-upon-Avon's only working distillery and produces a series of spirits including Stratford Dry Gin, Jester Rum, and distillery specials. The Distillery also provides daily tours and other experiences including a Gin School, Cocktail Masterclasses and River Avon Gin Tasting Cruises. In 2022 the company expanded its business in the town centre and opened a brand-new experiences space with a Rum School.

For more information about Shakespeare Distillery please visit http://www.shakespearedistillery.com/

For more information about the Vodka please visit https://shakespearedistillery.com/product/raspberry-hibiscus-vodka/

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