Corporate travellers using Evolvi Rail Systems’ rail booking channels saw the average price of a ticket fall again last year – despite a 3.3% headline increase in fares in January 2018.  

Analysis of the 9.4m transactions undertaken through Evolvi in 2018 confirms an average ticket value (ATV) of £56.32 last year, compared to £56.83 in 2017.

“When you consider that the ATV in 2012 stood at £61.81, the growing adoption of Evolvi’s smart fares search functionality and comprehensive policy options has consistently enabled rail users to ‘beat’ the effect of annual fares increases,” says Andrew Cantrell, IT Director at Evolvi Rail Systems. “It’s a great example of technology optimising budgets by setting controls, adding value through analytics and simplifying navigation through what is the most complex fares structure in the world.”

Evolvi is also seeing growing enthusiasm for mobile ticketing in the corporate sector, particularly with increasing availability of eTickets that go straight into travel wallets and do not require activation prior to travel (unlike mTickets).

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