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West Midlands Safari Park has announced it will be having a new look this year by teasing a brand new logo – with the help of some of its resident animals…

The award-winning tourist attraction celebrated its 50th anniversary last year, so the Park felt it was the right time to embark on a rebrand and mark the start of a new era. Since being taken over by the Looping Group in 2018, the Park has grown substantially, with the addition of unique onsite accommodation, upgraded animal habitats and new attractions.

The Park’s logo has had a revamp, with the addition of a giraffe icon, which reflects the attraction’s exciting offering of up-close animal experiences. Head of Marketing, Rochelle Zare, says, “We have grown so much as an organisation, especially in the last four years, so we felt that we needed a new logo and brand identity, that can grow with us into the future.” 

Ahead of unveiling the new logo to the public, the Park gained important feedback from some of its esteemed judges – the animals. It was a hit with the lemurs, with the whole troop running straight over to investigate, whereas Rhianna, the reticulated python, was a bit slower to approach, but quickly gave it the ‘ssssssseal’ of approval by using it as a resting stop.

The new logo’s ambassadors showed appreciation the only way giraffes can – with prolonged staring, although Henry did give it a big lick. Finally, the logo was presented to the family of Sumatran tigers and first to approach was dad, Nakal, who took a big swipe at it, knocked it over, then sat on it, fiercely protecting it with snarls and growls.

When he finally moved on, mum, Dourga approached with baby, Lestari. The logo was such a hit with Dourga, she picked it up and dragged it into her sleeping quarters, expertly navigating it through the entrance hatch. When keepers managed to retrieve the logo, it was left with the memento of four magnificent tiger teeth impressions.

Alongside the logo, the Park will adopt a new brand identity and although their name is not largely changing, they have added the ‘s’ back into Midlands (it was West Midland Safari Park for 50 years).

From next month, guests can expect to see the logo change across the Park's signage and digital channels, including a new website, shortly followed by the release of a range of new retail products as well as staff uniforms. As well as the rebrand, the Park has announced new attractions and events for 2024, including a family ride called Jungle Jeeps, a refresh of its playground, the chance to see cheetahs on foot in an extension of the Park’s African Walking Trail as well as new hippo and wild dog lodges. There will also be the chance to see the Park’s latest arrivals, including tiger cub, Lestari, month-old rhino calf Malaika and a troop of tiny pygmy marmosets, who will be venturing outside for the first time this Spring.

The Park opens daily for its main season, from Saturday 10 February, including the Adventure Theme Park and the best prices can be booked online in advance. Children under the age of three are free. Admission includes a Free Return to visit again within six months, only when booking online in advance.

Further information about West Midlands Safari Park is available from the Park’s website www.wmsp.co.uk or by telephone 01299 402114. Find out more on the Safari Park’s official Facebook page: www.facebook.com/WestMidSafari

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