Wicked Nights, a terrifying new horror event for thrill seeking groups, has opened at Blackgang Chine on the Isle of Wight. Based on a legendary 16th century monk’s curse, the chilling experience takes place in one of Britain’s most haunted locations every evening, from 6pm to 10pm until 3rd November.

Brave members of Elite Soccer, Isle of Wight Rugby Football Club, 1Leisure and Valentis Health were among the first to venture into the restricted ‘Cursed Mill’ demolition site, where construction on a new attraction has ceased due to paranormal activity.

The groups were fitted with heart monitors before the event so that their true reaction to the chilling ordeal could be tracked. Challenged with staying calm and keeping their heart rate as low as possible under pressure, the groups utilised their team-working skills to navigate through terrifying paranormal encounters. Strobe lighting, audio and visual effects, darkness and sinister scents all made the experience truly terrifying.Although each team made it out alive, it was Elite Soccer that managed to keep their cool and come out on top with the lowest overall heart rate increase of just 10.25bpm throughout the wicked event. The 1Leisure and Valentis Health teams both notched up an additional 16bpm putting them in second and third place.

Wicked Nights is inspired by the curse of a zealous 16th century monk and explores the haunted mysteries of the park as it turns 175 this year. Legend has it that the monk cursed the surrounding lands upon which the park now sits, condemning them to forever crumble into the sea. To this day, the park battles against coastal erosion, which recedes an astonishing 3-metres every year.

Groups can also experience a Freaky Fair, the Hall of Horrors, a topsy-turvy hall of mirrors that comes alive after dusk, Slaughter Slide, a distinctly gory race through the night and black magic at the Wicked Nights dark theatre. They can also settle their nerves with a potent range of beers, cider and wine at the bar or tuck into a delicious spine-chilling chilli, a peculiar pumpkin soup, severed finger hotdogs or even molten cheese pizza skulls.

Group rates start from £55 for four people. To find out more, visit www.blackgangchine.com/wickednights

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