ABTA disability reminder

ABTA has issued a gentle reminder to all members, ensuring those passengers with limited accessibility can swiftly request assistance for their flight when making a booking online.

As well as being a legal requirement, statistics have shown that around 20% of people in the UK have some form of disability and therefore, ABTA has taken action to comprehensively update its website guidance on accessible travel within the member zone.

A mere click away from the homepage, a request can be made via an online form or designated phone number, following feedback from customers which showed frustration in not being able to access relevant information regarding their travel arrangements.

Travel businesses featured that sell or market flight- based packages online must now display the advertised airlines safety rules, including any restrictions it may have regarding those with limited mobility.

Nikki White, ABTA Head of Destinations and Sustainability, said: “We know that our members have already done a great deal of work to ensure that their websites are accessible to customers with a disability and provide them with the right information, but we want all of our members to be aware of the risks of not getting this right.”

ABTA has provided comprehensive guidance on all aspects of accessibility which has been made available exclusively at www.abta.com.

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