Young people remain attached to mobiles even while abroad, despite charges

Do you travel with children, either as part of your professional GTO role or on other trips? It is inevitable that many children these days will have their mobiles with them even on holiday. For many, the possibility of being separated from constant contact and data is unthinkable – and many parents give in, as they consider them a security device and a way of keeping in touch with children who are allowed some independence on holiday. However, the horrendous bills and roaming charges that have stacked up from usage abroad are often a very unwelcome homecoming present.

This summer, TravelSim is offering free SIM cards for kids so that the adults in charge can fully relax and forget about rip-off roaming charges and scary bills. When guardians sign up and put €10 on their own TravelSim card, children get a free SIM card preloaded with €10 of their own. The pre-paid service has 3.5 million users worldwide and is proven to save customers up to 85% on making calls abroad. It also offers free incoming calls in 140 countries and free worldwide SMS. Data charges are also cheap – typically just €0,50/MB. Say goodbye to shock mobile bills.

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