With travel over to the continent so easy, here are two options for visiting, whether your group wants to learn or to play

The tourism trade is now gearing up for the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the Great War. The regions of Flanders and the Somme are leading the way and Paris is no exception either. It was just outside the capital in the Seine-et-Marne region that the First Battle of the Marne in 1914 was one of the earliest conflicts of World War I, and the Second Battle of the Marne one of the last in 1918. A new museum just outside Paris commemorates these battles.  

Opened in November 2011, the Museum of the Great War at Meaux is an architecturally outstanding building housing one of the most comprehensive and varied collections of World War I military uniforms, individual weapons, pieces of artillery, everyday objects from the period and even a Renault tank. There are over 50,000 related artefacts based on the private collection of Jean-Pierre Verney, a World War I expert. Located close to Paris and the fields of the First and Second Battles of the Marne, where the British fought alongside the French, the museum charts the story of the First World War from the reasons for it beginning to the lives of the ordinary people who lived through the war and the arrival of American forces in 1917. The American forces fought in the Second Battle of the Marne which proved to be a seminal battle to end the war.

The museum’s exhibits reflect the notion that the 20th century began with World War I. This novel approach makes the collection of the Museum of the Great War key to understanding the global social, technical, military and geopolitical upheavals during this decisive period in our history.

Info: www.museedelagrandeguerre.eu

Europa-Park is one of the world’s leading theme parks and the biggest in Germany. 13 European country themed areas on a site measuring 94 hectares offer a unique holiday atmosphere with typical architecture, gastronomy and vegetation relating to each country. The lively ‘Whale Adventures’ and the blue fire ‘Megacoaster’ attract visitors to Iceland, while Greece offers a journey through antiquity with its Poseidon water ride. In France, ‘Silver Star’ and ‘Eurosat’ await all brave rollercoaster fans, while visitors can speed round bends on the Swiss ‘Matterhorn-Blitz’ next door. The ‘Euro-Mir’ in the Russian area is the world’s highest and fastest spinning coaster.

Meanwhile, the international entertainers at Europa-Park will conjure, dance and juggle their way into visitors’ hearts. A brand new ice show showcases more brilliant performers, and artistic performance, comedy and dance awaits visitors at the variety show. A children’s musical keeps younger visitors entertained.

Europa-Park has five 4-star themed hotels which are ideal group accommodation. The room categories vary from single to double rooms and go up to six beds per room. Excellent facilities including nine restaurants and five hotel bars make sure that guests enjoy a complete holiday experience. Five themed bathing and sauna areas as well as a training area of more than 400 square meters are complemented by three wellness and spa areas.

Europa-Park is an ideal group destination and has great special offers for groups of 20 people or more. Packages including lunch are available.

Info:   www.europapark.de     +49 (0)7822 / 77 15 600