Heck, winter’s all but upon us and that can mean only one thing… longing for scenes like this out of our bedroom window in place of leaden UK skies.

Welcome to the age-old volcanic island of Santorini, which sits in the Greek Aegean Sea and is, not surprisingly given views like this, a mecca for sun worshippers, many of whom arrive by cruise ship – switching to more modestly sized catamarans or sailing boats for a coastal excursion once on the island.

Hiking tours, wine tours, food tours, kayak tours… you name it, and it can be done on this 28 square mile stretch of land that hugs a submerged volcanic 'bowl'.  But, for many, top of the wish list is a cliff-side seat at the annual Volcanoes Festival, or Ifestia, held every September. Expect epic fireworks designed to replicate the ancient volcanic eruption that shaped the island (find out more at santorini.net).

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