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Group Travel World magazine’s Sarah Ward tests her detective skills at GR8escape in York

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“There’s nothing quite like an escape room to make you realise how brainless you are – but oh, what a lot of fun!” says Sarah (pictured far right).

“At GR8escape in York we were greeted by Jay-Jay Luckman, who talked us through the New York room we were about to enter and explained that we had to find a stolen diamond Bugsy Bronxton had taken and hidden.

“As the door shut and locked behind us we had an hour to complete each task (each one reveals a code to open a lock or a sign that symbolises where to head next). Thankfully the rooms are equipped with a TV screen where you’re given hints and tips along the way. If it wasn’t for the TV, I think the hour would have turned into half a day! Saying that, we missed out on completing all the tasks in the room by just five minutes. Annoyed doesn’t even come close to how we felt – but it was great fun, and I’d strongly recommend an escape room to anyone.”

Teams of between two and six can play (teams of six pay from £78), and the minimum age is 10.

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Find out more about York’s first live escape room by calling 07897 122834.


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