These days, many travellers turn to their smartphones for information and help ahead of any other medium. Travel apps are an invaluable resource, offering immediate and urgent assistance with up-to-date information, and doing many clever things that no individuals or guidebooks could do – all at your fingertips and within seconds.


1. FlightTrack
Tracks live flight statuses and includes zoomable map with information on departure gate, delays and cancellations. Recommended for people who regularly travel by air.
Available on iPhone (£2.99), iPad (£2.99), Android (£2.99) and Windows Phone (£3.99)

2. LocalGuiding
LocalGuiding connects travellers with local tour guides in over 600 destinations in 100 countries worldwide. As well as a detailed profile of each guide with user reviews and ratings, it provides information on the usual attractions and also those that only a local would know about. Tours can be booked using the app.
For iOS, available free

3. Wi-Fi Finder
Everybody knows that data roaming charges are expensive, but abroad, they are laughably high. Knowing where to find a decent Wi-Fi hotspot is essential. Loaded with over 320,000 locations in 140 countries worldwide, Wi-Fi Finder provides directions to the location.
Wi-Fi Finder is available for free on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile

4. Google Translate
This app translates through text and voice recognition and contains around 60 languages.
Available for free on iPhone and Android

5. TripIt
Like having a digital PA, this app creates a digital itinerary for any trip that can be shared and printed out as well as viewed on a smartphone. Users simply forward their hotel, flight and car rental reservations and the app does the rest.
For iOS and Android, free



6. Skyscanner
This app summarises the best ticket prices around the user’s possible travel dates from airlines and the big travel sites. The search can be pinned to the home screen so users can keep a close eye on prices – handy for those flying on a budget.
Skyscanner is available for free on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile

7. Kids Compass
This app offers parents a guiding hand by listing the top ten must-sees for children in London, Paris and Amsterdam. It also includes a city map with GPS support (no internet connection required), maps of public transport, practical travel information and lots of fun facts for children.
Available for Android, Kindle and iOS for £1.99

8. Where To Eat?
No matter where you are in the world, this app displays the closest restaurants. Select from over 45 cuisine types and even get turn-by-turn directions to the chosen restaurant.
Free on Android and iOS

9. Photosynth
A specialised photography app that allows users to create a horizontal, vertical and spherical panoramic of a landscape. It also includes an option to share what is created with friends on Facebook.
Available for free on iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone

10. Packing List/Packing Pro
Create packing lists from scratch or from an existing template. Users can group items by location and luggage using a simple drag and drop feature. With Packing Pro you can choose from a range of set templates (male, female, family, etc.) with an additional option to preset reminders.
Packing List available for free on Android, Packing Pro £1.99 for iPhone

11. Toptable
Users can search for restaurants via location and filter the search results by price.
Available free on Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone

12. TravelSafe Pro
Emergency service numbers for range of different countries. Also includes embassy details (for passport loss) with pin widget option for more direct access to police, ambulances, fire engine services.
Available for Android (99p)

13. HostelBookers
Sometimes a cheap bed at the last minute with minimum hassle is what you need. This app is ideal for making sure you’re never stuck no matter where you are. Search by price, rating or property type and book with no booking fees.
Free for Android and iPhone

14. TripAdvisor
Identified by its owl-like logo, this app features reviews of hotels, restaurants, attractions.
Available for free on iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone

15.Expedia Hotels & Flights
Travel search, hotel reviews and booking website which also features mobile exclusive discounts for last minute.
Available free on Android, iPhone and Windows 8

16. Wikitude
Uses camera display feature on phone to highlight certain points and places of interest with all information sourced from Wikitravel. It includes information on people, places and restaurants.
Available for free on iPhone and Android

17. Lookout
Backs up your phone’s data in case of loss, with the option to remotely wipe all information off device if stolen. A handy precaution that could save the day.
Available for free on Android

18. XE Currency
This app converts 180+ currencies on-the-go using live data, and includes a calculation feature so an exact equivalent price is displayed for any amount entered. It stores the latest rates and so can be used offline too.
Free for iPhone, iPad and Android

With over 355,000 properties to search, this app helps just about anyone find their ideal accommodation anywhere at anytime, with a guarantee of best price.
Free for Android and iOS

20. JetLag Genie
This app helps travellers over the worst of jet lag. By entering travel dates, destination and usual bedtime, the app returns personalised alarm clocks.
£1.99 for iOS