Queen and her Prime Minister

The Queen and her Prime Ministers portrayed in their weekly meetings.

Reprising her role as Her Majesty The Queen, Helen Mirren returns to the stage in The Audience at the Gielgud Theatre.Sadly, theatre and film veteran Robert Hardy, who was also returning to a role as Winston Churchill (a part he has played no less than seven times previously), has had to pull out after preview week due to cracked ribs from a recent fall. The Audience depicts the sixty years of weekly sessions between Elizabeth II and her twelve Prime Ministers, opening an imaginative door into these most private of meetings. From Churchill to Cameron, key moments in The Queen’s reign are portrayed as the Prime Ministers by turn seek advice, confess all and express some of their deepest feelings. Her Majesty reveals something of herself too, although The Audience is a reminder that she has been the constant point which has remained fixed throughout the changing personalities and politics of PMs. 87-year-old Hardy has reluctantly relinquished his role to Edward Fox. The Audience is currently booking to June 2013.

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Website: www.theaudienceplay.com

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